Teeth Implant

Teeth Implant: Dental implants allow anyone to smile with a full mouth and enjoy an aesthetic appearance and high self-esteem. The field of dental implants has undergone a real revolution in recent years as a result of new implants invented and new and up-to-date methods in the field. Today, there are more advanced methods for dental implants beyond the usual method that requires a long waiting time, at least about 6 months, and many clinic visits.

New methods for dental implants compared to the classic method

In the classic method of dental implants, a method is known as multi-stage implantation, the diseased teeth are extracted and the implant is drilled into the jawbone. A specialist dentist chooses the type of implant and the implant method according to the client's characteristics and the condition of his mouth and jaw when there is a large variety of types of implants. Sometimes, prior treatment of a bone graft or sinus lift is required because there is not enough bone in the patient's mouth.

In the multi-stage implantation method, one has to wait a long time, between 3-6 months, until the implant is absorbed since one has to wait for the jawbone to grow around it and tighten it in place. Only after examining and discovering that the implant is stable and the crown can be loaded on it, the treatment is performed in the clinic of the transplant specialist. In the not-so-distant past, it was customary to expose the gums to reveal the implant and only then put the crown on it, so the patient had to undergo a series of treatments and wait a long time until the treatment was completed and the result of a full mouth in the teeth.

Over time the field of dental implants has progressed significantly and rapidly, today there are new and technology-intensive methods like dental implants in one day, 4 ON ALL, 6 ON ALL method, and there is a possibility to implant dentures on the implants, this is a relatively new method for patients who need full dental implants. Only implant one or two.

Methods of dental implants

In the past, it was customary to maintain an aesthetic appearance by fitting dentures in the patient's mouth. Dentures are not comfortable, they can sway and fall out of place when eating. Food can penetrate under the dentures, accumulate there if not cleaned properly and cause inflammation and gum and tooth disease. Also, dentures often cause jaw bone retraction, speech and eating difficulties, and disruption of daily functioning.

Therefore, it is now customary to recommend dental patients to undergo implantation with an advanced and effective technique, where patients suffering from multiple missing teeth can undergo rapid implantation of multiple implants on which the dentures are fitted which provide an aesthetic solution and allow the patient to smile with a white mouth, eat comfortably, talk without Disruption and more. You should know that removable dentures or permanent teeth can be installed on the implants.

The prosthesis method on implants is recommended for anyone who suffers from a deficiency of many teeth, for example, older people who have neglected their mouth for many years and want to undergo effective oral rehabilitation treatment. The use of implants fixes the dentures to the jawbone and thus prevents the bone from receding and adsorbing.

Transplant in one day

‍Many patients are interested in rehabilitating their mouth without visiting the dental clinic many times and without long and exhausting waiting times. Therefore, if possible the specialist doctor will recommend a dental implant in one day. Since there are a number of new and advanced techniques in the field, a dentist will recommend the correct and most appropriate method according to the condition of the patient's teeth and jawbones and in accordance with additional characteristics, and of course, taking into account budget constraints.

In addition, dental implants can be combined with other aesthetic treatments such as dental veneers with thin porcelain. There are cases where it is not necessary to extract a healthy tooth and it can be restored using porcelain veneers, as the veneer makes it possible to cover defects in the teeth such as yellow tint created due to age, heavy drinking of coffee, and smoking.