Dentures are a great alternative to natural teeth that have worn, broken, neglected over the years or fallen out.

The main advantages of dentures are the availability and ease of the process, as well as the relatively cheap cost of the treatment compared to other more complex treatments.

But we are all aware of the fact that dental treatments, especially those that are more complex, cost tens of thousands of shekels and even more in dental clinics in Israel. So what can be done? Break the bank? Take a loan?

Well there are better options. You can undergo denture treatment in Moldova or Romania at attractive prices and with no less good quality than in Israel.

What are dentures?

Dentures are the replacement of almost all or all of the natural teeth in the mouth, they have an anatomical value as well as a great cosmetic and aesthetic value. They allow the preservation of the structure of the jaw and oral cavity for the long term. Not many know but once they used to make dentures out of wood and even slave teeth. Fortunately, this period has passed and today dentures are made of acrylic materials. Another interesting piece of information about dentures is that one of the most important inventors in the field was a Zionist philanthropist named Shmuel Blum, who in 1926 Bloom immigrated to Israel and established the first grove of dentures in Tel Aviv. But many years have passed since 1926 and today obtaining dentures in Israel is a very expensive business. So we thought of Eastern Europe as a response to this precious need.

Dentures – Prejudices

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There are quite a few prejudices when it comes to dentures, it is enough to remember the pictures of the teeth in the glass of water and all the jokes related to it. At the same time, one must not perceive this as a negative thing.

On the contrary, many people of advanced age know how to see the irony and humor in everything, including the need to use dentures in order to enjoy a high quality of life without the need for very long dental treatments, which can also not always be predicted in advance. This is just one of the reasons why more and more people are choosing to resort to this solution in the field of dentistry.

When there is enough fit for the specific jaw – you can get a result that looks much more natural than once, which does not require a lot of long and tedious treatments and also includes relatively simple maintenance. For working people and especially those who depend on their face, speech ability and so on, the possibility of giving a quick response to tooth loss is of paramount importance.

Given the fact that life expectancy is increasing and that more people continue to work beyond retirement age, quick and aesthetic solutions are very important, and dentures are a quality and cost-effective solution for this purpose.

Technological advances in denture manufacturing

All the advanced technology that affects the world of dentistry is also reflected in the field of dentures. Thus, a complete adjustment of the teeth can be made according to the specific body.

The teeth allow you to enjoy a comfortable eating experience with very few restrictions and allow you to enjoy a natural look during the day, along with the opportunity to rest in the evening.

This is in contrast to the implant that is always with you, and in the case where the implant is not well absorbed – this is an inevitable problem.

The technological advancement that allows for perfect fitting of dentures for every person is the same advancement that allows for implant printing using a 3D printer and finding the perfect sizes to fit each and every one.

These are universal solutions that can be used whether you are retiring or still in the work force.

Moreover, for many it is a treatment that requires much less time and physical effort, so there is no need to stray from the daily routine.

You can go through the process abroad, thereby maintaining perfect discretion.

Additional benefits of dentures

White teeth – Teeth whitening is a trend that has only intensified in recent years. Dentures allow you to enjoy a very high quality of life and avoid long and demanding treatments. They can be replaced if necessary, to ensure an aesthetic appearance.
Without surgery – dentures do not require surgical intervention in the oral cavity.
Without anesthesia – for people who are sensitive to various anesthetics.
No unnecessary pain — for people who suffer from a lot of toothache in general, and gum pain specifically. The possibility of making dentures without messing with the gums is no small blessing.

All the advantages we have listed here make dentures a very effective solution, and since this is possible in several sessions, the possibility of going through the process abroad on the basis of advanced equipment and skilled staff, also becomes a cost-effective option.

What are the benefits of denture assembly in Moldova and Romania?

We were surprised to find that people decide to give up dental care in Israel due to the exorbitant prices. That is why with us you come with photographs and diagnoses that you received. After a dental examination by the doctor at the incident, and it was determined that the client needed treatment, he could fly to Moldova when the price includes both the price of the flight and stay in the country including personal accompaniment in any language he chooses, whether Russian, Hebrew or Romanian.

After returning to Israel, a check is made to make sure everyone is happy.

Who is the denture train suitable for?

In fact, the target audience is anyone who wants to wear quality dentures, but since this is a new service, there is still no indication as to the number of patients.

For Israeli citizens from Moldova, this is a golden opportunity to meet the family and improve their aesthetic appearance and oral health.

But we need to know that dentures are really not for adults only.

In fact, people at a young age opt for the assembly of dentures in order to improve their oral health and overall aesthetics.

We hear countless suggestions and vital information on various dental replacement treatments that have been damaged, worn and fallen out over the years. At the same time, it is important to remember that many people cannot meet the difficult physical challenges faced by any person who wants to restore their teeth directly in their mouth. In addition, there are often cases of "bone leakage" that makes it difficult to insert implants made of titanium.

Of course it must not be forgotten, that sometimes many people are just very scared of these treatments, so the harm may outweigh the benefit.

Ultimately, the most essential need is a dental substitute, which allows you to eat comfortably and not "scare" those around you with an unaesthetic dental appearance or with a completely toothless mouth.

The solution of dentures meets all these needs perfectly. We allow you to go through the process at your own pace, with maximum comfort and minimum inconvenience.

What is the answer given to customers?

Because the treatments in the country are so expensive, there is a possibility of dental treatments provided in Moldova and Romania.

Why is Easy Dent a unique clinic?

The cost of dental care in Moldova or Romania, 30% cheaper by about 40%, is definitely a very significant reduction. After returning to Israel, the clinic staff will monitor the patient's condition. It is worth taking this opportunity to mention that quite a few Israelis are studying dentistry in Eastern Europe.

Easy Dent

Occident was established in order to create a fundamental change in everything related to Israelis in need of dental care. The goal is for Israeli citizens to be able to receive quality treatments at low costs. How do you do that? Through medical tourism to Eastern Europe. The clinics to which we send clients have been tested, employed by professional and experienced doctors, in advanced equipment clinics, and finally, the results obtained are impressive and all at fair prices. If you need dentures or any other dental treatment, contact us today for professional and courteous advice and service!

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