Dental Cosmetics

Dental Cosmetics: The field of dentistry and oral and maxillofacial health is a rather challenging professional field and is considered one of the most complex fields in Western medicine. This is because more and more people are dealing with dental problems due to poor eating habits, improper hygiene habits, or other habits like smoking and drinking alcohol. As a result, there is a great demand for solving multiple dental and gum problems, and the field of dentistry has developed significantly. At the same time, the aesthetic importance of dental care has increased: today, many dentists are developing a skill that will lead them to a result that will improve the patient's health and at the same time upgrade the appearance of his face and oral cavity. Although most dentists will also incorporate an aesthetic aspect into their work, there is a new field that has developed as a result of the demand for high aesthetics: dental cosmetics. If so, what are dental cosmetics and what are their benefits?

What is the field of dental cosmetics?

Dental cosmetics is an area that emphasizes improving the appearance of the mouth and jaw and the appearance of the person's face, unlike a dentist who diagnoses diseases and offers treatments. Although there is a distinct difference, it is important to remember that the areas can launch at certain points, such as in the area of ​​dental fillings and choosing materials that will suit other teeth aesthetically. Dental cosmetics generally place more emphasis on quality work materials Treatments that will use these substances.

The raw materials can be special coatings and implants during dental implants, and they can also be the use of laser and advanced cleaning techniques. Dental cosmetics can significantly help those who suffer from dental and gum problems that disturb their rest and cause a worsening of self-doubt. It is known that a person’s face serves as his business card, and especially the oral cavity responsible for speaking, eating, and drinking. Therefore, dental cosmetics can provide diverse solutions for an unaesthetic look. However, it is important to choose professionals with experience and experience in dental cosmetics, those who can perform an in-depth diagnosis and offer you the treatments that are most suitable for you.

What are the benefits of dental cosmetics?

Dental cosmetics have evolved out of the need and desire of patients to achieve better aesthetic results than dental treatments. Therefore, most of the benefits of dental cosmetics are found in the aesthetic success of oral and maxillofacial treatments and the use of quality materials and advanced equipment.

  • Aesthetic success – Even if many dentists are aware of the need to perform a treatment that will look good, it is not always the result that will be obtained. When you go to the services of dental cosmetics, you also receive professional care and especially the emphasis on the aesthetic result that is obtained in the end.
  • Advanced raw materials and equipment – Striving for the best aesthetic result bring dental cosmetics experts to use quality raw materials and advanced equipment, which can sometimes contribute to a simpler procedure and shorter recovery. In this way, the patients also gain a beautiful and clean appearance after the treatment, as well as the use of advanced aids as part of the treatment.
  • Common types of treatments

Dental cosmetics offers a wide range of treatments including fillings, veneers and teeth whitening, implants, and even full oral and maxillofacial restoration.

Teeth whitening and teeth whitening – One of the major problems of modern man is yellow teeth that are mainly caused by abrasion, smoking, poor nutrition, and improper hygiene habits. Dental cosmetics offer treatments to deal with this problem in the form of teeth whitening, which is considered the most common treatment in the field. Whitening can add to a patient's self-confidence, especially before important events where he is required to smile and be the center of attention. In the same way, dental veneers deal with cracks, with a worn appearance of the tooth, and with cases where whitening has not been successful. The porcelain veneer is one of the oldest and most successful treatments for aesthetic problems in teeth.

What is dental cosmetics?

Fillings – In the past and sometimes even to this day, fillings were considered an aesthetic hazard within the oral cavity, mainly due to the use of a black-gray and conspicuous material that is found on the outer parts of the tooth. Dental cosmetics use a substance intended for a white filling, which is similar to the enamel appearance of the natural tooth. In fact, what is obtained is a restoration of the original appearance of the tooth, and in this way holes and even cracks and decay can be dealt with. In the same way, dental cosmetics offer treatments of indirect fillings that last for a long time and can help with tooth decay and structural damage.

Implants – Dental implants are the latest word in the field of dentistry, and especially in the field of dental cosmetics. They serve as a replacement for the tooth root, as a stable, permanent, and long-lasting solution. The implants are designed to deal with the very unaesthetic appearance of missing teeth and therefore provide both a healthy solution and a solution that gives a young and beautiful look.

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