Dental Care Abroad

An international smile? Dental care is done abroad

Dental Care Abroad: Although the health basket in Israel includes a wide range of services and excellent public medicine, the field of dentistry remains, for adults, expensive and mostly reserved for private treatment. But despite the heavy price, the price of neglecting the need for dental care is of course more expensive.

But today there are other options that allow you to get excellent dental care and at significantly lower prices than the Israeli market – get to know the wonderful world of dental tourism in Eastern Europe.

All over the Western world, dental medical tourism is gaining momentum and popularity among patients seeking quality and advanced care, but without paying astronomical sums for it. If in the past we used to have medical tourists come to Israel to enjoy the excellent medicine we enjoy as citizens, now the opposite direction becomes relevant and attractive and you can get the treatment you need, at jaw-dropping prices, without compromising on quality and professionalism and even earn a trip abroad. the road".

Easy Dent: The pioneer at the head of the camp

With years of experience in the field of dentistry, one company in the Israeli market has set itself up with the aim of making a real revolution in the way we Israelis receive cheap and professional dental treatments. Easy Dent provides easy, advanced, and customized dentistry for all Israelis at costs that can provide savings of up to 75% compared to the accepted price levels in Israel. The company operates a state-of-the-art clinic in Israel, where patients undergo an initial examination to assess their dental condition, later on, and as we will immediately explain the patients fly to selected destinations in Europe where they receive the best personal care, with the company responsible for all the way, accompanying clients. To Israel.

Abroad dental care with incident

Work only with outstanding physicians from leading clinics

A fact that is important to know when talking about dental treatments in Eastern Europe, in the model as offered by its clients, the company Easy Dent, is that 42% of active dentists in Israel actually received their professional training in the same destinations in Eastern Europe. So any concern about the quality and professionalism of the doctors is eliminated, there is a pretty good chance that your dentist from the country also actually studied shoulder to shoulder with the same doctors who will treat you as part of Easy Dents service.

The clinics that receive patients in Eastern Europe are all leaders in their field and include the latest and most professional equipment, with experienced dentists and skilled dental staff. The service provided in the dental clinics is at a premium level in all respects, one provided in the most prestigious and prestigious clinics in Israel.

Price advantage

Of course, the first thing in terms of importance when it comes to dentistry is the safety and quality of care, and as mentioned there are no compromises and the patients really get the most advanced treatment and by excellent staff. At the same time, the price advantage of dental care in Eastern Europe leaves no room for doubt.

The possibility of offering treatment at the highest level but with savings of up to 75% compared to prices in Israel is achieved by the fact that labor costs and inputs are significantly cheaper in Eastern Europe than in Israel, currency differences between Israel and destination countries reduce the cost per Israeli patient even further.

How the process is carried out – step by step:

The patient attends a consultation and diagnosis meeting at Easy Dent's clinic in Israel, the examination and meeting are held with a qualified and experienced Israeli dentist.
The company transfers the full medical information to the destination clinic abroad to determine a personal treatment plan and prepare to price.
The patient receives a cheap quote for professional and complete dental care according to his needs and desires, with savings of up to 75% and with the option of receiving financing with the help of the company. Pricing includes both the treatment itself and the expenses of flights, travel, and accommodation during the treatment days.
The company and the client coordinate the treatment abroad, including flights and accommodation. Going abroad and undergoing the treatment successfully, recovering and returning to Israel with a quality smile and healthy teeth.
It is important to note that Incident also offers its patients personal guidance throughout the destination country, including translation services if needed. After the patient returns to Israel, Easy Dent performs follow-up tests and verifies that the treatment was successful and that the patient is satisfied.
Types of Dental Treatments Possible Abroad

Easy Dent offers a wide range of dental treatments abroad, both restorative and aesthetic treatments. These are the most common types of treatments that patients undergo at Easy Dent partner clinics abroad:

  • Implantation of dental implants
  • Root canals
  • Preparation and installation of dental crowns
  • Measurements, preparation and assembly of dentures
  • Sinus lift surgeries in favor of dental implants
  • Teeth whitening treatments
  • A variety of aesthetic dental treatments and dental aesthetics
  • Gum surgery
  • Dentures

Professional and cheap dental care – now you can too! Easy Dent is indeed revolutionizing the field of dentistry for Israelis. Professional and advanced dental treatments, with the best solutions and equipment and by excellent doctors, at unbeatable prices and completely market-breaking. In addition, the service allows you to visit impressive and fun European capitals, go shopping and earn both healthy and functional teeth and a magical European vacation.